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SARA: “My experience working in South America and Italian Bakery have completed my training and so trusting that it is Gods will to start a new stage of entrepreneurship. Today I am writing my Journey through this endeavor and I want to offer you the best and most delicious product made at home and for your table. Unconditional gratitude to God and the support of my family and friends.”

We are Sara’s Bakery with a long experience in South American bakery for pastry and for all occasions. We have more than 35 years of experience. Attended by its owner, Sara Ordenes. She has participated in pastry training courses since the 1980’s. We focus on cakes for special occasions such as weddings, Sweet sixteens parties and corporate events.

In addition we have a variety of traditional and modern cakes. Sara’s Bakery is proud to say that our product is carefully crafted with the highest degree of dedication and quality. We are at your service with the most delicious pastry products from South America and a willingness to make your special event a success.

about us
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